YOUTH PROTECTION is HIGHLY important to us!

Under 18-year-olds may not play on this platform!

Access may not be passed on to underage users. To the underage users who try to gain access under false documents or false information, we say the following at this point:

You will not win a single cent here!

In accordance with our terms and conditions, any profits are not paid out as long until all verification steps have been completed in full and with the greatest possible safety. This usually takes one to three days and includes several different hurdles. Eventually already paid-in credit will (only!) be refunded to your parents or legal guardians upon presentation of respective identification documents.

To all adult users we say at this point:

  • Let no minors play under your personal data!
  • Keep your login information in a safe place!
  • Do not play in the presence of children and young people on this site!
  • Report abuse wherever you encounter it!

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